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Exxen is a Turkish digital streaming service that some people see it as a Netflix alternative. The creator of Exxen, Acun Ilıcalı is a highly successful Turkish television icon and TV producer. He started his career as a reporter. Right now, he is one of the most popular people in Turkey 🇹🇷.

In the last decade, Acun Ilıcalı produced Turkish versions of world-famous television franchises such as:

Var mısın yok musun? (Deal or no deal), Survivor, O ses Türkiye (The Voice), Yetenek Sizsiniz Türkiye (Got Talent Show), Fear Factor, Masterchef and so on. Then he bought a TV Channel called TV 8. And continued his production business in his own TV.

Starting with 2021, Acun Media launched Exxen a Digital Streaming Platform of Turkey. Acun Media is invested around 1 billion Turkish Liras in Exxen.

Right now (12 January 2021) Exxen has ~ 500k subscribed users. Acun sees his project as a rival platform to Netflix according to his interview on Youtube.

He set big goals for the platform such as being a global brand, producing high-budget projects, and making the Turkish TV industry bigger.

Which languages are available on Exxen?

Right now it is only in Turkish. It will be broadcasting in all major languages soon.

How much Exxen cost a month?

Exxen’s monthly subscribe price is 9.90₺. Without ads it is 19.90.

What’s on Exxen?

Gibi (It Seems Like)

Yilmaz and Ilkkan are two friends who are constantly fighting each other. The biggest thing about them is always doing something that’s going to upset their ordinary lives. They magnify tiny events with incredible skill, bring things to a level that’s going to be hair-raising. They are the embodied state of misfortunes, bizarre events and desperation that we experience every day.


Esma is a beautiful, ambitious and powerful woman who is the second boss of her father’s law firm. Filiz is a stubborn but fragile lawyer candidate… One murder will cross the paths of these two different women. But how?

Şeref Bey (Mr. Şeref)

He is romantic and sensitive as well as firmly committed to his principles and extremely stubborn. Mr. Şeref, who emigrated from Albania to Turkey and was cited among the best cooks, is on his way to a new life this time, but he has surprises he never expected and who knows, perhaps a new love is waiting for him.

Vahşi Şeyler (Wild Things)

They became accomplices to a crime, and their ashes were rekinded. So what are they going to do now? While “Wild Things” questions the anatomy of marriage, both action and comedy are not missing a moment.

Bu Benim Masalım (This is my story)

She has strong feelings, she’s delused and she’s different from everyone else. Her greatest talent is her voice, but she’s afraid of scenes. It’s the rise story of a 17-year-old star. How will Aleyna and Cemal Can manage to overcome the obstacles that come their way? Bu Benim Masalım, which airs on Friday, January 15th with a new episode!

Öğrenci Evi (Students House)

They came from different cultures and crossed paths in a student house. We witness the lives of four university students and watch through their eyes the realms of life such as family conflicts, love, unhappiness, identity seeking. Student House is on the air every Saturday with new episodes!

Sihirli Annem

Sadik’s life, which lives an “ordinary” life with his children, will change in a way he could never have imagined when he met Betush. Why, why? There’s a “secret” that’s loyal and kids don’t know. Betush is both human and a fairy

Yetiş Zeynep

Zeynep is a 20-year-old college student with dreams, but she has to work as a babysitter to cover her school expenses. She has to hide that she is a student while she is dealing with six children, but she did not suffer from anything.

Buraların Yabancısıyız

Are you ready for 4 foreigners who are cut off from the countries where they were born and speak Turkish very well to visit Turkey city by city with their caravans? Let’s see what Chaby, Joel, Louis and Michele learn as they tell their culture to people where they’re going.


This conversation is very different from what you know. Every person is a different story, each story is a different laugh. Hasan Can Kaya chooses the speakers first and then the fun increases exponentially with interesting questions from each other.

Özcan Show

Turkey’s only animated cartoon, Ozcan Show, handles a different topic every week in its own fun style. Özcan Show is keeping the pulse of the agenda, magazine, sports and television world!

Sesli Güldüm

After many years of acting in theaters, Gul returns to his childhood neighborhood and meets the children playing in the park in front of the theater left by his father. These talented children and Gul join hands and start writing fun sketches from each other, and such a “I Laughed Out Loud” theater appears.

Stiller Konuşsun

In the program presented by Burcu Esmersoy and Rashid Bagzıbağlı together, all famous names from Turkey and the world are examined from top to bottom. Everything about fashion is discussed in Styles Talk. The latest trends and trends meet the audience for the first time.

Stalk Show

If you think you’re a good stalker, think about it after watching this team. The person who is “stalked” is examined in the most detail, at the end of the day he faces his “stalkers”. It’s not that easy to win in this competition.

Tolgshow Filtresiz

My friend starts a whole new season with a whole new energy. His endless seditions with the director are more fun than ever. Without a filter!

Survivor Turkey Auditions

They applied for the toughest competition in the world… How are they preparing for the big challenge? What tests are they going through to be contestants on Survivor? This show reveals behind the scenes of Survivor.

Published on January 12, 2021
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