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Minister of Industry and Technology Mustafa Varank stated that the sharing of meteorological data will be possible with the protocol signed between TOGG and the General Directorate of Meteorology, adding, “We need to underline that these signatures have much more important meanings than purely meteorological information sharing. The cooperation of togg-meteorology will be a pioneer step in our mobility ecosystem.”

“Since these vehicles (TOGG vehicles) are walking computers, we will also increase the number of meteorological stations throughout Turkey,” Agriculture and Forestry Minister Bekir Pakdemirli said.

Under the auspices of the Ministry of Industry and Technology, the “Protocol on the Sharing of Meteorological Data” was signed between the General Directorate of Meteorology (MGM) of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry and Turkey’s Automobile Enterprise Group (TOGG). Minister Varank, speaking at the signing ceremony in The Valley of Informatics, said that TOGG, one of the insignias of the vision of making Turkey the producer of critical technologies, not the market, has added great excitement to Turkey.


Varank stated that drones such as Turkey’s Automobile, which the nation has a high level of gratitude, and all other domestic productions reinforce the idea that “we do this job” in all segments of society. Our National Space Program, like TOGG, has been owned by all segments of our nation. Our goals are great, but our faith is greater. There is nothing we cannot achieve with self-confidence, self-confidence, and dedication.”


Minister Varank stated that Turkey has enlarged its steps to become a member of a top league in technology production in all areas, “We are determined to keep Turkey’s course in R&D and innovation. We never accept so-to-be-discussed agendas. Big and visionary projects such as TOGG also nurture and grow our country’s technology ecosystem. FROM software to mechanical parts, TOGG is in close cooperation with domestic suppliers who will be involved in the production process. Even startups that have the ability to be the first in the world in terms of their work can contribute to this process.”


Reminding that the TOGG project is more of a smart life technology than a car, Varank said, “It also opens the door to all kinds of new ideas and initiatives in the field of innovation. In this sense, TOGG also leads the mobility ecosystem in Turkey. Today, together with our Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, we are signing a concrete cooperation. With today’s protocol, it is possible to share meteorological data between TOGG and our General Directorate of Meteorology. We need to underline that these signatures have much more important meanings than pure meteorological information sharing. The cooperation of the General Directorate of TOGG-Meteorology will be a pioneering step in our mobility ecosystem.”


Minister Varank stated that they will share the “Mobility Tools and Technologies Roadmap” prepared in close contact with the sector with the public soon, “One of the most important projects we have put forward in this roadmap is the Creation of the Mobility Open Data Set. As you know, the most critical point in connected and autonomous vehicle technologies is the data issue. Collection of data, preparation, creation of new data sets, anonymization and open data; then it should be shared and presented to companies, entrepreneurs, and academics. Today, we are also taking the first step in creating mobility open data set.”


Minister Varank emphasized that it is very important for technology development that the data produced by public institutions are accessible to the private sector. We’ve often been criticized by the opposition for our car. They’re trying to find a handle on our car by saying, “This piece is from here, that part is from there.” Here’s what I need to underline. Yes, this is Turkey’s automobile, the intellectual property belongs to us. As here, we can create a value-added service by agreeing with our own General Directorate of Meteorology. If this car were not Turkey’s Automobile, we would have to beg global brands abroad to do so. Here we have revealed perhaps the first example in the world ourselves. We have put forward a value-added service.”


Minister Varank stated that with the signed protocol, TOGG will increase the comfort and safety of Turkey’s Car by using the data of the General Directorate of Meteorology, saying that the data will not only inform the driver but also optimize the in-car applications thanks to artificial intelligence technology.


On the other hand, varank pointed out that the General Directorate of Meteorology will also receive feedback on instant weather conditions with TOGG’s data. From the use of TOGG’s fog light, fog density in which region can be processed into the system instantly. All this data will also be shared and used anonymously. So there will be no use of personal data here. Data play such an important role in the production of technologies that facilitate our lives. The next-generation mobility ecosystem will enable the development of many more data-based ideas. We also work closely with other government ad-owned organizations to replicate open data shares like this one. First of all, I would like to express my gratitude to our Minister of Agriculture and Forestry for pioneering such a visionary job.”


Minister Varank also stated that Turkey has a science base project in Antarctica and that the General Directorate of Meteorology has contributed to the Antarctic expeditions for two years, adding, “We have established a meteorological station and we are continuing our work with Turkey’s National Space Program to ‘I wonder if we can develop our own meteorological small satellite?'”


Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Pakdemirli stated that weather data from MGM will be transmitted to the vehicle instantly along the route, “MGM will provide a very important benefit to the citizen, our nation, the driver, while at the same time we will increase the number of meteorological stations in the Turkish age as these vehicles are walking computers. Of course, the data coming to us from here will be anonymous. So we’re not going to be keeping track of what data came from which driver, which vehicle. A large number of meteorological stations, with thousands and tens of thousands of vehicles roaming the road, will allow us to make the weather forecast much better,” he said.


Rifat Hisarcıklıoğlu, Chairman of the Board of Directors of TOGG, said, “The data produced by this protocol with our General Directorate of Meteorology will be shared mutually. Meteorology will transmit the warnings and data it collects instantaneously from all corners of the dormitory to TOGG. Smart and connected TOGG vehicles will also instantly transfer the data produced through their sensors to MGM. There will be a useful ecosystem here,” he said.


TOGG Senior Manager (CEO) Gürcan Karakaş said, “First of all, the importance of instantaneous and precise giver is very great. This has benefits for both the driver and the vehicle. It is important for security that it has the most sensitive data where it is instantly located, especially the proposed routes beyond the information to be made along the target route,” he said.


Meteorology Director-General Volkan Mutlu Coskun stated that they aim to create added value with the information they will provide to the smart living platform of Turkey’s Automobile and said that they monitor the atmosphere 24 hours a day through 2,047 automated meteorological observation stations spread throughout the country.

Under the agreement, togg’s electronic interface, called the smart living platform, will be provided with the integration of products such as observation, weather forecasting, road forecasting system and MeteoUyari to be provided by MGM. Data sharing between TOGG and the General Directorate of Meteorology will take place with the authorization of togg by the Ministry of Industry and Technology.

Published on February 11, 2021
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